Careful selection of our travel management company partners provides access and reach to a network of dedicated travel professionals worldwide.


ITP Partners

  • Broad range of services to clients
  • Experience in business travel
  • Financial stability
  • IATA licence
  • Local market prominence
  • Offer dedicated and expert travel consultation

Criteria for ITP Partnership

  • The company must be one of the premiere business travel management companies in the country or region.
  • The size of the organisation may differ from country to country and turnover reflects the travel and expenditure of the residing country
  • The reputation and level of service provided by the company must be of the highest standard.
  • Business travel should represent a significant proportion of the company’s business mix.
  • The company must comply with enhancements to its GDS for extraction of statistical data.
  • The company must ensure that all staff members be fully briefed on the purpose and objectives of ITP and be adequately trained in the use of ITP’s products.
  • The designated person/s acting as ITP contacts must be fluent in the English language. English is the official language for all correspondence and meetings.


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