Travel Insurance

While individual circumstances may vary, our recommendation to any traveller planning to travel to a foreign country is “make buying travel insurance a part of your planning” — don’t leave home without it … we certainly don’t.

In buying travel insurance, you’re not only buying something that can assist greatly should you find yourself in need, you’re also buying some peace of mind — both for you, while you travel, but also for your family and friends back home.

ITP have teamed up with Columbus Direct to offer a range of flexible single-trip and annual policies covering worldwide destinations.
Other type of policies are also available such us: sports; adventure travel; business travel; backpacker; cruises and trip cancellation.

Columbus Direct is an online specialist in international travel insurance, established more than 25 years ago. By selling directly to the customer, they can offer you travel insurance at great prices without compromising cover.

Their  international travel insurance policies are developed according to the highest international standards and are often more affordable than local products and provide excellent cover levels.

Renowned to offer excellent value for money, high quality assistance and a quick hassle-free buying process that allows you to buy insurance regardless of when you booked your trip / holiday


Columbus Direct is part of the Collinson Group and sells travel insurance products in over 45 countries. Insurance for residents of the Middle East is arranged by Crispin Speers & Partners and underwritten by Dubai Insurance (for UAE), Doha Insurance (for Qatar), Bahrain Kuwait Insurance (for Bahrain and Kuwait) and Oman Qatar Insurance Company SAOC (for Oman).

The adequate policies complying with national regulations can be obtained for foreign resident travellers simply by choosing from the traveller’s country of residence from the online booking portal.

  • The policy meets foreign residents travel cover restrictions
  • The policy is provided by an insurance company in the country of residence
  • Fulfils country’s regulations and conditions