Airport Concierge

Meet and Greet Services

The key benefits of Airport Meet and Greet or Airport Concierge services are to minimize dwell time at the airport and provide fast and efficient access through the airport. Meet and Greet Services are offered by ITP partners at their local airports or through Airport Concierge with whom ITP have a preferred co-operation.

ITP partners can provide tailor made services at local airports either through their own staff or in partnership with Airport Concierge ~ DiamondAir, ITP preferred provider, who have their headquarters at London Heathrow Airport; a global company with operations in over 520 airports and principle train stations worldwide.

Services are available for arrival; departure and in-transit passengers.

Tailor-made additional services are available on demand for specific needs. These could be corporate business, special events such as sport, group travel, music and entertainment,

For reservation or assistance, simply complete the enquiry form or contact ITP’s local TMC partner.