Group Travel (MICE) Service Solutions
This area of the business is often referred to as MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events and covers a broad area of travel activity which can take various forms. There could be several hundred travellers flying from various points to a common destination or just a few individuals requiring a private jet, transfers and meeting room for one day. Most such arrangements are unique, tailor-made and require specialist attention.

For many corporate clients, this area of business can equate to up to 40% of total travel expenditure. Bookings are often generated by different departments from those responsible for day-to-day business travel and in some organisations this expenditure is not well-monitored or tracked. Sometimes groups are handled by company employees directly with the suppliers, involving time-consuming negotiations with airlines and hotels as well as the administration that comes with many group arrangements.

Most ITP agency partners are experienced in group travel and can assist you with any requests that you may have. They also have access to additional support in several key areas:


There are numerous hotels included in the ITP Preferred Hotel Programme which are suitable for both small and large groups. As these hotels are part of the preferred hotel portfolio, ITP has contact details of management responsible for group travel at each hotel. View Solution

Destination management and ground arrangements

Many ITP partners also handle Incoming travel and can work together with the ‘outbound’ ITP partner to provide a seamless solution for any group travel request. They know their own countries very well, have local contacts and can provide creative advice and ideas for any type of group activity. View Solution

Air travel

ITP partners have excellent commercial relationships with their local carriers and are well-positioned to negotiate group fare arrangements. View Solution


ITP partners can utilise a specialist on-line solution,, which can search for hotel accommodation and meeting room availability simultaneously in a broad range of hotels around the world View Solution

    By choosing ITP for your group travel requirements you would be secure in the knowledge that all ITP partners have committed to the same code of conduct and have the support of the ITP management team.