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ITP’s Most Important Conference in a Decade!

At the conference this year ITP will take you through three new essential products we are rolling out. ITP is introducing GCCA, cytric and The Portal at this year’s conference, they are stand-alone products, but in conjunction with each other, they become the weapon of choice to change.

This development is key to increasing growth and revenues for all partners.

In the last months, you received information on the conference, products and how we are changing the conference in Madrid. Next, you will find a recap of this information, that will give you an overview and a link you can pass on internally if you want to bring others up to speed.

Change is Now, here is how we change!

GCCA – Global Corporate Customer Acquisition

The fast pace of globalisation has unveiled the need for an organised approach to GCCA. To be GCCA ready you need to participate in the conference sessions where there will be presentations, discussions and hands on experience in the IZ, the “Interaction Zone”.

In the IZ you will be able to meet with our team of experts drawn from partners, ITP team and suppliers who are already involved with the new product range. GCCA ready means you will be ready to earn the rewards for your business in both local and Global market opportunities. It’s another way of making money for your organisation.

GCCA Ready is the future

Once you are GCCA ready you will have the opportunity to sell Cytric to your local customers regardless of what GDS you are on. ITP offer a range of options from fully serviced and supported to un-serviced dependant on your IT capabilities or infrastructure.

The ITP Portal will be the central system that Cytric, support services and other products will be delivered through so it’s another important product we want to show you. Once you are set up on the Portal you will have Cytric and you will be GCCA ready!


Watch this video if you want to know more about GCCA


Who should you bring – Your Team

Certainly owners and decision makers for the business but please think about bringing other relevant members of your team to the conference. How many of your team have met with other ITP Partners? How deep is your team’s knowledge of the network in order to reap the benefits ITP provides? It’s more than possible to improve your bottom line if you use the network to your advantage!

As ITP evolves, we strongly believe that widening exposure within your organisation will pay real dividends. Once all partners are GCCA ready, your IT and sales personnel will need to fully understand the opportunities GCCA can offer your business. Whether it’s attracting new clients or multi-market consolidation, being GCCA ready will focus your activity and add money to your bottom line.


Watch this video if you want to explore “who should I bring”



Global Corporate Client Acquisition is impossible without a Global Online Booking Engine OBE, Global reports and Global expense.

What is cytric

ITP are now a global reseller of cytric Travel and Expense the best global OBE. cytric offers a build in report tool, that handles both online and offline travel data. Cytric is also one of the few systems that offers an integrated expense module, that works booth as a stand-alone tool but also can be linked in to other systems like SAP etc.  
cytric offers the possibility to book not only GDS content, but also web content from online providers like, and other web based companies.  

The fully integrated travel APP, can be used to check-in both the online booked trips, but also contains offline content, if need you can change or book trips directly from the app, where you also can handle all your travel expenses.  

Madrid 2018

In Madrid you will have the opportunity, to engage in-depth with cytric staff, cytric experts and cytric users, to get your agency ready for cytric.
This is your opportunity to bring your best-qualified colleagues to a conference where you will not only get a detailed view of how cytric works, but we will start the process of you becoming ready for cytric and ready for GCCA.

In Madrid you will also be present with different options to supply, rollout and support Cytric with a range of different service options for partners to choose where you can choose between different options, starting with a free solutions and different versions dependant on the investment you want to make.


Take a look at Cytric


The Portal

If ITP want to succeed, there must be the possibility to secure a unified standard in all aspects of ITP endeavours, therefor ITP needs a global platform to manage this.
ITP has chosen to develop “The Portal” as our global platform.

What is “The Portal”

The Portal is first and foremost a platform that easily can be set up to handle a whole host of tasks. Even though “The Portal” is being deployed in different roles, it always works the same, that reduces the learning curve and makes it the most flexible tool ever implemented for business travel agencies.

For ITP that means, when we use time and money on developing functions for one task, it is possible to use the same functions in other parts of the Portal.

At the moment we a developing solutions for 1) RFP handling (RFP request for proposal), 2) Agency intranet, 3) cytric & another software setup, 4) ITP Products access point, 5) Corporate Clients intranet, 6) Partner intranet, but already now we are planning other areas of deployment, and can present an option for full-fledged CRM solutions

What is “Change is Now”

On September 20 & 21 we have invited a host of Portal experts to Madrid. You will have the opportunity, to engage in-depth with the Portal staff, Portal experts and Portal users, to get your agency ready for GCCA and the future.
In Madrid we have created the IZ (Interactive Zone), where you will have the opportunity to talk with experts about how The Portal could improve your agency. Those are individual talks, and will cover all areas of your agency, from Sales to Agency operations to Online services. This is a new approach and we see it as a game changer for ITP.

The IZ will also be your opportunity to get started with The Portal, we will do your basic setup, and already here we will be able to customise some part of it to fit your individual needs. 
Change is Now, you need to be part of it.


Get a taste of the Portal here:


Changing the format with the Interaction Zone

To help you through the myriad of changes we have added the “Interaction Zone or IZ” where we take it a bit further.
The IZ in Madrid 2018 is about Q and A, where the As are hands-on.

What is “Interaction Zone or IZ”

The IZ is the space between the conference agenda where you and your best people will be able to ask questions to our gathered experts, not only to be answered but also to be hands on with regards setup and developing business plans. We have put a team of experts together, drawn from our commercial partners like Amadeus, ITP HQ but more importantly from our very own ITP Partners.
ITP Partners whose knowledge and involvement have helped to develop the GCCA setup and facilitate the cytric roll-out, helping build the framework of the portal.

Making local business with global business

Now for the next phase of the GCCA project! The conference is an excellent opportunity to start using the GCCA setup across the partnership, add revenue and new business opportunities to your agency.

The global deployment of cytric not only gives you an OBE for your local customers but also the framework for local GCCA deployment.

In the IZ, you have the opportunity of finding out how GCCA can be adapted in your local market as well as getting hands-on advice with set up.

Tools that makes sense

When using our primary software tools, we are all very experienced and capable. To develop further, new tools have to be tested and embraced which can prove challenging.

ITP has developed simple effective tools that require minimal re-learning and relate as much as possible to everyday systems and software used commonly amongst partners and clients alike.

The ITP Portal will have a number of uses to benefit both Partners and Clients:

(1) As cytric roll-out, deployment, implementation
(2) As ITP partner portal, a platform for all things ITP
(3) To drive, setup and maintain our GCCA programme
(4) To setup Corporate Clients with an ITP client intranet
(5) As an internal CRM platform for all partners
(6) As our own HQ local intranet

As development continues more could be added to the list.

Two main reasons why this is possible, the software is the same throughout, and we can work with and change the Portal ourselves. That enables rapid development and ensures there is no knowledge gap.

In the IZ you will be able to talk about how you could utilise the Portal locally and can get hands-on with the global setup.

The future of OBE ’s!

The ability to book standard fares is no longer enough for a state of the art OBE; there must be access to web pricing and the ability to add own vendors for corporate clients, these are just a few of the demands today. cytric ticks all those boxes and also offers an APP that can handle check-in at the airport. cytric also includes reporting facilities that allows most Corporate Clients to use for their primary data reporting source.

The one facility that cytric offers that is state of the art and hits the sweet spot of the business travel industry in 2018, is the ability to deliver integrated expense. This is one of the most sort after functions for corporate clients today.

ITP will start the setup of your GCCA cytric solution in Madrid, and we will also offer the opportunity to discuss the different options available with cytric, there has been to date a lot of positive response to the opportunity for a fully serviced OBT solution.

ITP will get hands-on with you in the IZ in Madrid.


Take a look at the IZ here:



See you in Madrid