What ITP offers

Locally owned, globally supported

ITP offers you an independent source of leading travel management companies working together around the world to provide you with more opportunities and better quality business travel services. ITP is a consortium where each travel management company is locally owned and managed. Renowned as market leaders in their own country, each travel management company is big enough to offer you the care and attentive service required on a local basis. ITP provides its travel management partners‘ companies with a combination of new commercial opportunities and business support, together with potential savings on key products and services.

Our Ethos


To connect travel industry partners in a cohesive and sustainable partnership network enabling us to deliver the strengths of local market expertise, culture, and diversity on a global level.


To be the catalyst in our partner network community in delivering technological travel solutions that will empower us to deliver sustainable customised travel services on a global or local basis.

To share knowledge and innovation for the benefit of Partners, Suppliers, and Corporate Clients.


To be the honest partner acting in the best interests of Partners, Suppliers and Corporate Clients with integrity, transparency, and accountability.