ITP offers you an independent source of leading travel management companies working together around the world to provide you with more opportunities and better quality business travel services. ITP is a consortium where each travel management company is locally owned and managed. Renowned as  market leaders in their own country, each travel management company is big enough to offer you the care and attentive service required on a local basis. ITP provides its travel management partners‘ companies with a combination of new commercial opportunities and business support, together with potential savings on key products and services.

Our Mission:

  • To share a common interest and professionalism in creating multinational business developments for both our customers and ourselves.
  • To enhance customer service and best business practices continuously.
  • To optimise local market strength and service offerings through our combined purchasing power.
  • To respect the culture and objectives of our diverse client base and to focus on what our travellers need most.
  • To continue to strengthen our direct supplier relationships and support in order to provide our customers with the best possible negotiated rates and cost savings.
  • To focus on the future in providing our clients with the very best technology and consolidated on-and off-line reporting tools.
  • To provide a ‘One stop shop’ and 24 hour traveller assistance.
  • To exceed our customers’ expectations at all times.